For three generations

Design and furniture


Design and forniture
for three generations

LAIMA s.r.l. works with professional figures and companies in the furnishing field with the experience that has been handed down from the previous three generation: projects of theatres, hotels, shops, malls, ships, offices and private houses had been realized by Laima with accuracy and reliability.

Laima solves any type of problem with planning method, experience and hand-crafted care, from little works to the complete supplying of complex furniture turnkey.

In the sectors of theatrical, hotel, nautical sectors and exhibitions arrangement, combining the most up-to-date technology and with the passion for the work’s tradition, LAIMA is a reliable and competent firm.

LAIMA’s multi-year experience can assure the production of high-profile works within optimal time, cost and method.

The two architects and charter members lead a qualified staff that can reach 30/40 units when necessary.