Meet In Milano

Salone Internazionale Del Mobile

Meet In Milano
Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Meet in Milano is the title of the event that took place during the Design Week in Milan, from 17 to 22 April. This extraordinary event, set in Spazio Ansaldo, 54 via Tortona in Milan, was conceived and planned by Living Network, RCS Italian leader multimedia communication platform. The event was addressed to the house world with Mercedes Benz and Franke partnerships. The exhibition is designed by Dontstop Architettura, Art Direction FM, Milan.

The aim is to generate dialogue amongst the "people of design" through different and complementary languages in order to promote the culture of design and international contemporary creativity. Meet in Milano presents itself as a "must" reference point, as a linking platform between businesses, creative designers, designaholics and "common people", in order to promote design democracy.

Under the patronage of the Department of Culture, Fashion, and Design of the city of Milan, in Spazio Ansaldo's 11,800 square feet, we talk about design and future, we propose multi-level key points for discussion between different audiences to whom we present three great international projects: the Chinese exhibition "Slow Seating:  Contemporary Chinese Design", the young talent festival "Meet Talents", and the exhibition "Kitchen Story".

Slow-Seating: Contemporary Chinese Design

By Zhu Xiaojie, Exhibition Designers Zhu Xiaojie and Hou Zhengguang

This exhibition from China explores, with more than 60 projects, the relationship between technological development and traditional craftsmanship using a chair as a symbolic object that invites us all to slow down and sit down so we can think about tomorrow.

Project by Beijing Design Week - Red Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd organized with RCS Media Group, Beijing Gehua-Rizzoli Design Communication Co., Ltd.

Meet Talents. Mercedes-Benz Home Collection

By "Case da Abitare" with Francesca Taroni and Filippo Romeo

Meet Talents will showcase the talent of 18 young designers, at the outside of customary circuits. This event, by "Case da Abitare", is dedicated to under 35 Italian talents with a selection of projects coming from a Home Collection as the main driving force. It is inspired by the automotive world and particularly by the Mercedes-Benz brand, the main partner of the event. With no limitations, designers were totally free to elaborate the brand values through the most suitable languages: from vases looking like engine gears, through floodlight-lamps, to the logo star turned into a three-dimensional structure for armchairs and coffee tables. The unusual furniture surprises the audience because of its rigour and the modernity of the interpretation. A showcase for young designers: Federico Angi, Giorgio Biscaro, Paolo Cappello, Maddalena Casadei, De-Signum Studio Lab, Marco Dessì, Mario Ferrarini, Gumdesign, Ivdesign, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Mist-o, Brian Sironi, Studiocharlie, Studio Klass, Leonardo Talarico, Diego Vencato, Zaven, Matteo Zorzenoni.

Kitchen Story. Past-Present-Future by Franke

By Casamica and with Silvia Robertazzi and Alessandro Valenti

A long table set out with designs, a short film and four art installations. To tell, in a seventy-year narration, the history of Italian kitchens. Looking at tomorrow scenarios. We start in 1948 and, through a multimedia journey, we arrive to this day. On show: newspaper pages, advertisement, every day items, home appliances, cookbooks, furnitures. Everything is placed in chronological order to make us live again, decade by decade, the atmospheres of Italians most used room. The future is entrusted to the vision of four international designers: Constance Guisset from France, Jingjing Naihan from China, Satyendra Pakhalé from India and Luca Nichetto from Italy. Partner, Franke design. The company's 2012 latest products will have the main role in four interpretations of tomorrow kitchens: the super-accessorability of ATON kitchen sink, the revolutionary design of OVERSIZE stove, the technological vanguard of CRYSTAL 60+ MY MENU oven, and the gentle shapes of FRAGRANITE PEBBLE kitchen sink are the starting point of an international project that combines Franke's know-how with designers' aesthetic-functional approach.